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New course provides Emergency Service Maritime Incident Training

Maritime Incident Training HART

Fires and maritime incident’s on board ships and other vessels, either alongside or at sea, are particularly dangerous.  To help ensure the safety of responders attending these incidents, Red One has developed a Maritime Firefighting Incident Command course specifically aimed at Emergency Service Crew & Watch Managers.

It is estimated that every year in UK waters alone, nearly 100 vessels are damaged or destroyed by fire. The result is often a lost or severely damaged vessel and cargo with potentially millions of pounds in lost revenue and business. Sadly, in some cases, lives too are lost.

This course is designed for staff that may have a role being Incident Commander of an incident on board a vessel which may be alongside, at sea or on other waterways. This could include individuals who are in charge of a specialist firefighting team from a Local Authority Fire & Rescue Service or employees engaged as crew on a vessel, who have firefighting responsibilities.

Chris Thain, Director of Business Development explained: “We recognised that Fire and Rescue Services needed to improve their Incident Command training in Maritime situations. So with ships at sea and in port, basically if you have a coastline within your response area, then as a fire service you have a responsibility for Maritime fire incidents within that area. This means any lack of Maritime incident training poses a significant potential risk.”

“After listening to feedback from the established Maritime Incident Command courses (BTEC Level 3 and 4) we realised there was also a need for training aimed at Watch and Crew Managers. So we have created this professional course to improve firefighter safety and skill sets.”

“On a ship there are some specific issues that need to be considered were it to catch fire. Many fires emanate from engine room compartments where oil is involved, or in cargo holds where fires can be deep seated. Stability of the vessel also needs to be understood – you can’t always just pump ships full of water, as this can have a tendency to make them sink!”

The new Red One maritime course runs over two days, made up of 18 guided learning hours, including 10 hours of e-learning. This course facilitates the National Occupational Standards WM7 – Lead and Support people to resolve operational incidents.

Students are provided with knowledge and understanding through classroom based learning, demonstration, practical exercises and computer simulation, in essential aspects of Marine Fire Fighting Incident Command.

Course content

The course comprises from following modules:

  • Legislation and guidance relating to maritime firefighting incidents.
  • Principles and procedures for maritime firefighting.
  • Application of maritime firefighting techniques.
  • Application of maritime firefighting incident command procedures.

HART benefits from first Maritime Incident course places

One of the first groups to benefit from the new course was the Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) from the South West. Working closely with the Maritime School, the HART team members were able to practice the incident command and management skills required for emergency situations within a marine environment.

About Red One’s Maritime Fire Fighting Training School

The Maritime school forms part of the Academy of Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service and is a recognised leader in the provision of top quality maritime incident and firefighting training. Based in Plymouth, Devon, UK, the Maritime School offers a full suite of MCA accredited STCW courses. These courses, incorporating as appropriate a ‘real fire’ exercise on a purpose built ship training structure, are designed to ensure that officers and crew are fully competent to contain and extinguish a fire aboard their vessel.

Red One has the skills and expertise to meet all your industrial fire service training needs. For more information, call us on 01395 444773 or email info@red1ltd.com


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