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D1 PCV Minibus Training


Anyone wishing to drive a vehicle with a passenger seating capacity of up to 16 seats must first have the D1 category on their driving licence. If you passed your test after 1st January 1997 then you will not have the D1 category on your licence. 
We have the expertise to enable us to complete this training to help you gain the D1 category on your licence. 
Before you start your practical driver training with us you need to complete the following: 
  • Obtain a medical assessment from your GP 
  • Apply for your D1 provisional licence with DVLA
  • Pass your theory test with the DVSA
Once the above steps are complete, we can begin your practical minibus driver training. 
Our training package usually consists of 3 days with each day consisting of a 4 hour training session. On the 4th day, you will complete your test. Please allow 3 hours for the test (this includes preparation, travel and the actual test). 
For prices, please contact us and we can discuss. 
The test fee is £115 per person and we would be happy to book this for you on your behalf. 
For further information, give the Red One Driver Training Team a call on 01392 444773 or email drivers@red1ltd.com