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Under 17 Driving

1.7km purpose built road circuit for 14 - 16 year olds

Our under 17 driving lessons are for people aged between 14-16 year olds to give them a head start when they turn 17.

Here at Red One, we are committed to working with others to help reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads. The training and road safety education in our lessons provide a good foundation to the driving skills they will put to use in later preparation for their driving test and continuing to be a safe a competent driver for the rest of their driving days.

The aim of the lessons are:-

For the Learner:
• To be able to safely start and stop a car.
• To gain a basic knowledge of car controls and safety checks.
• To develop an awareness that good driving is not just skill based but that having a solid understanding of the risks surrounding driving will make you a safer driver and significantly lower the chances of you being involved in a collision.
• To know how driving habits will change after passing your test and the problems that are likely to be encountered.

For those that care for you:
• To offer peace of mind whilst you are using a car, now and for some time in the future.
• To have confidence in your knowledge and driving ability before you start formal driving lessons.
• To be aware of and respect your attitudes to driving.

The lessons will take place on our fantastic 1.7km purpose built road circuit which includes junctions, traffic lights, roundabout, hill starts.

This facility is the only one of its kind in the South West and is the perfect place for you to undertake training, gain skills and build confidence before moving on to the open road when the time comes.

The whole hour will be practical driving in the instructors car and the learner will learn important safety tips as well as gaining confidence with using a vehicle.

You can chose to have just 1 lesson or book a block of 5 lessons.

Cost: £59.00 per lesson (vouchers are available) OR £250 for a block of 5 lessons

For further information, give the Red One Driver Training Team a call on  01392 444773 or email drivers@red1ltd.com