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Taxi Test

This Taxi Test is for those applying to their local Council Licensing Authority for their taxi licence.

The Taxi Test is a 2 hour practical driving course. The first hour is a ‘driver development’ session to provide an overall review and to develop the drivers understanding and skills to a higher level. It is also a good opportunity to correct any bad habits.

The second hour of the Taxi Test is the actual practical test. It is to DSA taxi test standard.

The 2 hour session will cover the following points:

• Pre-drive inspection.
• Theory of recognition, control and prevention of incidents.
• Driving in hazardous conditions.
• Principles of cornering.
• Systematic driving.
• Use of commentary.
• Customer care.
• Coping with distractions whilst driving.

The test can take place in your own vehicle. We do require sight of your insurance certificate, MOT Certificate and ask that the car is in a clean and roadworthy condition (this includes having legal tyres).


Cost: £118.80 (incl VAT)


Call 01392 444773 or email info@red1ltd.com to discuss availability and book your test.