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Fire Behaviour School Courses

Our Courses


CFBTI BTEC Level 3 refresher

Tactical Ventilation PPVI BTEC Level 3

Breathing Apparatus Instructor (BAI)

Our Facilities

Our fire behaviour school is state of the art £3.6m live fire facility built in 2013 based within the grounds of Exeter Airport. The school specialises in delivering breathing apparatus, compartment firefighting and positive pressure ventilation training to DSFRS staff, fire and rescue services (both domestically and from overseas) and commercial clients such as airports and nuclear power sites.

As well as the principal teaching, lecture and office facilities the training centre includes an aircraft simulator for use in conjunction with the airport fire team, a 5525 sq m foam training facility, an extended search and rescue villa, a highrise facility as well as ship simulator and confined space training.

Our hot villa is built over three floors and has a rising main. The protected stairwell at one end can be used to simulate high rise incidents. We have 14 positions to burn crib fires spread all over three levels. There are two staircases and each level has access to fresh air virtually all around. The building is fitted with extraction and temperature monitoring throughout. Our training facilities provide us with several options to have realistic live fire training ranging from domestic property to industrial and high rise.

DSFRS has always been committed to excellent quality fire behaviour training which has resulted in a very high degree of technical competence amongst our instructional staff. The design and development of our practical training facilities builds on years of knowledge and ‘field testing’ which demonstrates great benefits for all we train here.

Our site provides:
• 3 x 40ft attack containers
• 2 x 20ft demonstration containers
• 1 x 20ft window container (backdraught demonstrator)
• 1 x cosmetic smoke training venue. 10 different sized rooms set over 2 floors. Partial set removal area
• 1 x multi-compartment live fire training building. 26 rooms for search techniques, ability for 14 fires
• Small scale experiments/demonstration equipment (gas aquarium/desk top flashover unit) PPV model (Haagen)

Our facilities/venues are subject to stringent health and safety requirements that satisfy internal service polices and those of our awarding bodies (BTEC & SFJ). We are subject to annual inspections to maintain our accreditation status.

The training ground is a unique development and is hugely positive in terms of the training resource that can be provided by Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service. We see this as a milestone initiative within the UK Fire & Rescue Service which will take training facilities to the next level” Matt Roach: Managing Director Exeter Airport

Our Specialist Expertise

The Fire Behaviour School, in partnership with the Swedish Rescue Services Agency (SRSA), has been instrumental in the development of Fire Behaviour training in the UK and is a recognised venue for National and International Fire Behaviour Instructor courses.




Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service is the only UK Fire Service to work in collaboration with the SRSA and to utilise the expertise of their instructors.

Our experienced Fire Behaviour instructors and assessors, who have all attended extensive training courses in Sweden, deliver in-house and external training with the common aim of providing fundamental, procedural, tactical and realistic experiential fire training.

Situated at Exeter Airport, our academy Fire Behaviour School continues to invest in its major capital programme to ensure that the on-going development of our training facilities supports the advancement of new techniques such as tactical ventilation.


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