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Fire Safety School Courses

Our Fire Safety training offers a range of courses on a variety of fire safety and health, safety and environmental topics, aimed at meeting the varied training needs of organisations.

The courses we provide are expertly delivered in-house, at one of our well equipped training centres, with extensive programmes that can be tailored to suit your business and personal requirements.

Alternatively, we can arrange the training bespoke for you. Just give us a call with your requirements. 

For more information on how we can help make your staff safer and more effective in an emergency situation, please call Red One Limited on 01392 444773 or email info@red1ltd.com.

If you would like to book a group of people to attend one of our courses, or the dates provided on the course calendar are not convenient, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requirements.

Our Courses

Fire Warden – (IFE Approved)

Protection Foundation – (IFE Approved)

Fire Safety in Schools & Colleges – Theory

Fire Safety for Care Industry (IFE Approved) 


Our Specialist Expertise

We recognise that running a business and complying with all statutory obligations can sometimes be difficult. Whether you seek basic fire training for staff, more complex training for fire wardens or fire marshals, or higher level training for managers and supervisors, we can put the experience and know-how of our instructors at your disposal.
Fire Extinguisher Training from Red One Ltd

Frequently asked questions

Can I learn how to use a fire extinguisher?
Yes, our Fire Warden training courses show you how to choose and use a fire extinguisher. Our instructors will train you in the use of the common workplace fire extinguishers and part of the session will include the opportunity for you to practice using an extinguisher on a real fire.
Can you bring fire extinguishers to our site for us to use?
Yes. When you have a fire safety training course at your site, our instructors will arrive with a full set of fire extinguishers and all the other equipment needed for the training session.
On the fire safety training course, you will learn how to select the most suitable type of fire extinguisher for the sorts of fire most commonly experienced in the workplace. You will then be able to choose the right type of fire extinguishers for your workplace. 
Are your fire safety instructors qualified?
All the instructors teaching our fire safety training courses are highly experienced individuals, including both serving and recently retired fire service officers and all have UK fire service recognised qualifications.
Are your courses Quality Assured?
Yes, our Fire Warden course is quality assured ny ISO9001. We also have a quality assurance team to ensure the course continues to stay at an excellent standadrd for training.
Where will the training be carried out?
We can carry out the training at one of our modern and well equipped training centres, or alternatively we will visit you in your premises to deliver the training. We will bring all of the necessary equipment and training materials to your place of work.
To find out how we can help you further, please contact us!
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