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Maritime School: Maritime Enclosed Space Entry Training

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Course Overview

Maritime Enclosed Space is a term used in safety regulations that refers to an area where cramped conditions make it dangerous. It is an area with a small entrance or opening that is large enough for someone to enter and work. On a vessel or offshore structure, a maritime enclosed space would include for example Cargo Holds & Tanks, Ballast Tanks, Double Bottoms, Chain Lockers, Void Spaces, Compartments & Stern Tubes.

This 1 day open enrolment course is designed for individuals that are engaged in activities within maritime enclosed or confined spaces. The course covers legislation, the hazards and risks of working in enclosed spaces, safe access/egress within an enclosed space and the practical use of Emergency Escape Breathing Devices. No previous enclosed space working experience is necessary for this course.

The delegate will gain a thorough knowledge of the special hazards that those working in maritime enclosed spaces may encounter and the correct safety and working practices that should be adopted when operating in such conditions. Learning through theory and practical exercises, the delegate will receive guidance to meet the requirements of IMO’s SOLAS, Chapter III, Reg.19 requirements.

This course also provides information on the selection & use of Portable Atmosphere Testing Instruments for Maritime Enclosed Spaces.

For larger groups, this course can be presented at the client’s workplace – please contact us for more details.

Who is this course for?

Open enrolment – For those who are training to work in the Maritime Industry or seeking employment or work engaged in any capacity where awareness of safety in enclosed spaces is required.

Course requirements

  • Minimum age: 18
  • Declaration of Medical Fitness & Health

Course content

  • Knowledge of legislation regarding current working practices and enclosed space regulations
  • Knowledge of problems relating to hazardous atmospheres and gas detection
  • Personal protective equipment and hygiene
  • Permits to work and safe systems of work
  • Practical exercises in working in enclosed spaces,
  • Practical exercises in escape techniques,
  • Set up and practical use of access equipment and Emergency Escape Breathing Devices.

Assessment & certification

Continuous practical assessment and written multi-choice test.

Upon successful completion of the course, a Red One certificate of attendance will be issued. It is recommended that this training is repeated after 3 years as part of the update process.


1 day

Price per delegate

£253.00 exc. VAT per delegate including lunch, excluding accommodation.

All courses are booked subject to our standard terms and conditions for the provision of training, which include our policy on course cancellation.

Course Code


There are no dates currently set for this course. Please contact us for more information on 01392 444773