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Film & TV Support

TV & film support - On time & within budget

Red One works closely with film and television production companies to ensure safe, effective fire, rescue and safety cover on location. Never camera shy, our crews are also happy to play an active role in shooting if required, providing a more realistic FRS dimension to any scene….ACTION!

One of our latest projects involved the provision of a fire appliance and crew of 6 to assist in the filming of a D-Day documentary. In the production, the crew were required to assist a historian in the construction and installation of beach defences as used on Omaha Beach in Normandy.

Using a high pressure water jet, the crew were able to reconstruct how telegraph poles were inserted into the beach to act as ‘spikes’ for any incoming landing craft. We worked closely with the production company, helping to overcome a number of technical and location issues due to our specialist knowledge and experience.

Flexibility is the key to our service offer; we can adapt our staffing and equipment provision to meet your filming needs, ensuring the best possible results while staying within budget and keeping to your filming schedule.

For your next production, why not call Red One for a quotation.

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