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BTEC Maritime Courses

Has your Fire and Rescue Service trained your firefighters to respond to maritime fires and incidents? Contact Red One to find out more about the BTEC Maritime courses.

  • The United Kingdom has over 7700 miles of Coastline.
  • Up to 500 ships pass through the English Channel everyday.
  • 14% of all ship losses are caused by fire and it is estimated that nearly 100 vessels are damaged or destroyed by fires every year.

Fires and maritime incident’s on board ships and other vessels are particularly dangerous. Any lack of maritime incident training poses a significant potential risk. Many fires emanate from engine room compartments where oil is involved, or in cargo holds where fires can be deep seated. Stability of the vessel also needs to be understood.

Our BTEC Maritime courses provides students with knowledge and understanding through classroom based learning, demonstration, practical exercises and simulation in essential aspects of Marine Firefighting and Incident Command.

Our Courses 

Advanced Award in Maritime Firefighting (BTEC Level 3)

Candidates on this course will become safe, competent and adequately experienced to deal with fires on-board vessels of all sizes.

Professional Award in Maritime Firefighting (BTEC Level 4)

This course is designed for employees who may have a role being the Incident Commander of an incident on board a ship or vessel which may be alongside, at sea or on other waterways.

We also offer a non accredited course – Maritime Incident Command for Crew & Watch Managers