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Need Real Fire Training for On-site Industrial Fire Services? Call us Now!

Fire training from expert instructors increases industrial fire team safety!

Fire Training, Industrial Fire Teams
Red One specialises in the provision of fire training for industrial fire teams. This training is presented under ‘real life’ conditions, managed by professional experts in fire fighting. We utilise our extensive fire training facilities to ensure safe, controlled and objective driven learning.

Industrial fire teams are able to practice their skills and build both their competence and confidence, under the ever watchful eyes of our fire and rescue service instructors.  We can also adapt our training facilities and course programmes to suit your particular needs and requirements. This ensures maximum learning combined with minimal cost.

We believe that realistic training is the only way to prepare firefighters for the emergencies that they may be tasked to address. This is why we use carbonaceous and oil tray fires in our training.  We replicate the conditions and situations that fire teams are most likely to encounter on the incident ground.

From Compartment Fire Behaviour to Breathing Apparatus training, Working at Height or In Confined Spaces we have the training course for you.  We can also provide Water Awareness and Advanced Maritime Firefighting training.  Our Academy has the skills and expertise to meet all your industrial fire service training needs. For more information, call us on +44 (0)1392 353373 to find out how we can help make your staff safer.