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Red One Services

On-site Industrial Rescue and Firefighting Services

Many organisations face a dynamic and changing core marketplace where, in order to remain competitive, difficult decisions need to be taken around what constitutes’ core business’. One area where industrial companies have successfully restructured is through the outsourcing of on-site industrial rescue and firefighting cover.

Red One Limited provides industrial firefighting services, standby rescue crews, fire and safety training and consultancy services for businesses both within the UK and overseas.

Red One offer a complete turn-key solution for business’ seeking to outsource their industrial rescue and firefighting services to a competent, professional and cost effective 3rd party provider. Drawing upon our extensive experience of fire cover provision, mobilisation, resourcing, incident command and training, Red One has the tools and personnel to meet all your fire and rescue requirements.

Whether your business is in the energy sector, chemicals manufacture, aviation, petroleum or the heavy industries, if you have fire teams on-site, we can help you train, resource, operate and manage them more cost efficiently.

We can also provide specialist stand-by rescue teams for work at height, confined space rescue and boat rescue for short, medium or long term projects and we also offer an ‘incident response’ capability for non-emergency situations where access into potentially unsafe areas is required.

Red One offers industrial and commercial clients improved operational resilience, through the provision of comprehensive, flexible and cohesive safety services, ensuring the highest professional competency within the most cost effective solution. Contact us now to discuss your needs in more detail.