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Industrial Fire Service Provision

A key part of Red One’s service offer is the provision of Industrial Rescue & Fire Fighting Services (RFFS) for high risk plants and operations around the globe. Red One’s corporate aim is to help our clients effectively minimise their organisational safety risk and improve overall employee and facility safety, through the provision of top quality fire, rescue and safety services, training and consultancy.

IMG_0649The primary benefits of Red One’s Industrial RFFS management and delivery provision are:

  • Planned transition and mobilisation of your RFFS to Red One’s outsourced management
  • Highly experienced risk management
  • Wide range of skills and expertise to support your operational RFFS
  • Provision of proactive and reactive protection for your facilities
  • Staff development and core skill enhancement
  • Short notice support and enhanced resilience to emergency response site operations.
  • Quality assured continuation training and maintenance of competence
  • Clear commitment to equality, diversity, staff welfare/safety and environmental protection
  • Continuous service delivery improvements
  • Allows customers to concentrate on developing and growing their core business operations

Our primary objective throughout the duration of our Industrial RFFS management provision is to provide our clients with a reliable, flexible and cost efficient RFFS, which meets all statutory and mandatory regulations, enables customers to focus their attention on their core business opportunities and most importantly of all, to ensure the on-going safety of the customers site, its operations and personnel.

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