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Incident Response

Contingency management helps reduce costs

Contingency planning forms an important part in industrial risk management and is particularly necessary in situations where a dangerous event or incident could result in loss of life or loss of facilities, production capability or revenue.

LadderInsurance companies will look at your risk assessments when determining your insurance premiums, therefore an effective contingency plan can also result in significant savings for your business.

Red One can help you avoid excessive risk auditing and expensive insurance premiums, by providing a contracted incident response in the event that a non-emergency incident threatens to disrupt your business.

Our teams of specialist fire fighters, work at height operatives and supervisors, confined space experts and water rescue teams can provide on-site services for business, helping to protect your facilities and staff.

From stand-by rescue cover for annual maintenance work in difficult to reach places, to call-off services for specialist access and rescue applications, Red One can meet your needs. Contact us to find out how we can help you.