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What our clients say!

I think what came across is Ray and Jason's obvious hands on knowledge, they've been in fires and have seen the damage, destruction and consequences. Looking back at other fire awareness training we've had just now doesn't seem as valid. You know they are talking from experience and that means an awful lot when talking about such an important subject. It made people think realistically, rather than just another bit of training.

Sue Risdon, Ratcliffe School

Your crew worked really hard on site and nothing was too much trouble. We'll welcome them back at anytime!

Manager, Hanson Aggregates

Thank you very much from EDF Energy, all the feedback has been good; in fact high praise from all of our staff trained by the Devon & Somerset FRS teams.

Technical Instructor, Emergency Training, EDF Energy

The crew really enjoyed the fire science, branch techniques and training on the correct amount of water to use on a compartment fire. A lot of them had never had this training delivered to them in a practical scenario. Another positive was the use of a thermal imaging camera. This kit really impressed all of the crew and made their searching easier, faster and more efficient.

Emergency Response Trainer, Dow Corning Ltd

One of the best courses (Confined Space) I have attended in 13 years at Balfour Beatty.

Manager, Balfour Beatty Construction

Brilliant instructors, skills and hospitality and an excellent course!

Dr. Gianluigi G., Italian Equestrian Federation

I was very impressed at the level of instruction - I would never have believed I could or would go into a burning building!

Sian C., Delegate - STCW Course

The most professional course so far within STCW. Excellent facilities, delivering high standards of information, content and practical exercises. Very realistic approach to practical course content. Thank you for a demanding but enjoyable experience.

Delegate, STCW Course

You certainly earn your qualification on this course and you gain a great deal of useful knowledge with regard to Maritime firefighting Incident Command. It’s a must for any Officer working in an area with a substantial Maritime risk.

Group Manager, UK FRS

A very informative course which prepares you for the role of a fire warden. The practical element of using the extinguishers makes it feel very real and gives confidence to take this skill into the workplace. Enjoyable too! Staff were approachable and encouraging.

Tim M., Delegate, Fire Warden Course

Very informative and helpful instructor. Extremely helpful to be able to put into practice the use of fire fighting equipment. I feel more confident in my role now as a fire warden. Thank you

Julie C., Delegate, Fire Warden Course

I was apprehensive at first, but the professionalism of the instructing team was brilliant and made me feel very much at ease. I would recommend everyone should do something like this!

Wayne E., STCW Course Delegate

(The instructors) both presented and pitched the course extremely well. They managed to get across the important information to the students but also made the whole experience enjoyable. Many thanks to all concerned!

Manager, R & R Ice Cream UK Ltd

A positive learning experience within a safe environment.

Paul S., STCW Course Delegate

The content of the course was excellent and the instructor and his safety team were first class.

Tyrone R., STCW Advanced Fire Fighting Course Delegate

Very good, friendly, would recommend the course.

Gavin R., STCW Course Delegate

Good instruction techniques, natural, progressive practical work, good encouragement given by all instructors.

Chris S., STCW Course Delegate

The instructors really made the course interesting and answered all the questions I had in great detail. It was an excellent course (and) I hope to attend other courses at Camels Head.

Andrew Y., STCW Course Delegate

Built confidence and skills throughout, so final entry in the ship was "relaxed", in comparison to the first visit. Well done, really enjoyed it!

James B., STCW Course Delegate